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Germany's new hydrogen world

[Translate to Deutsch:] Bio Wasserstoff aus Biomasse/ Abfall

H2 aus Bio-Abfall immer verfügbar Preis 3 ct./kWh und CO2 kann in e-Fuels gewandelt werden

Green hydrogen

Here, as everywhere, is written about Green Hydrogen by electrolysis from Green Electricity..

The required quantity could not be covered from own production..

Yes, this is correct, because we do not have enough green electricity, or will not have enough green electricity in the next years to produce green hydrogen. H2 by elektrolysis at a price of 12 ct./kWh haben!

Please read the article completely, and then compare it with the publications of Karl-Heinz Tetzlaff Diplom-Ingenieur listed below. Or on his  Artikel Please read the article completely and compare it with the publications of Karl-Heinz Tetzlaff Diplom-Ingenieur  listed below. Or on his  Webseite  Downloads 

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You need to take a lot of time to understand this.

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We the citizens / taxpayers are NOT informed about the true costs of hydrogen H2 production. Or rather we have to find them out with a lot of effort. Here a small Overview  und die Costs

Our economy and our politicians have NOT thought about the future and acted accordingly - the lobbyism - the profits count, but NOT the future of mankind!

Example: H2 by electrolysis price 12 ct./kWh too expensive! And the general public is deprived of green electricity. Coal-fired power plants have to stay on the grid longer. H2 from bio-waste always available price 3 ct./kWh and CO2 can be converted into e-Fuels if desired.

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