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Information from ASGOFT dated 22.02.2024:

You just need to fill in the information of battery capacity:100Ah and the battery type: LiFePO4 battery in the Sofar inverter. 

After finishing communication between our battery and the Sofar inverter, the Sofar inverter can read the battery data automatically. You don't need to make other settings.

Left costs: ALIBABA  Büro Hamburg

The storage prices are very interesting - this is what I paid

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The ASH-HESS-40 battery energy storage system I ordered was delivered on Saturday, February 10, 2014.

Unpacked - no damage - superbly packaged.

The preparatory work such as laying empty conduits, pulling in the battery + and - cables and the BMS RJ45 cable. Took approx. 3 hours. Now the parts of the battery energy system were unpacked and the installation instructions read.

1. set up the base section, and then all

2. set up the 5kW storage modules 8x

3. switch off the inverter

3. connect the battery connections to the SOFARSOLAR ME 20KTL-3PH inverter and to the ASH-HESS-40

4. connect…

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Now I am looking for HV-PV storage equal to 30 kWh and larger. Compatible with my hybrid inverter SOFARSOLAR  ME 20KTL-3PH . The installation should also be simple. About ALIBABA I have found this.

In the Photovoltaikforum there are also entries about it. Register and search.

These manufacturers I have found:

BLUESUN BST-30.0HV Stacked HighVoltage 30KWH offer port Stgt. under 6000€.

BLUESUN Hybrid Inverter Battery Connect Guide

ASGOFT  ASGOFT high voltage LiFePO4 battery 20KW 25KW 30KW 40KW battery energy storage battery solar power storage system for house offer ALIBABA offer 40 kWh…

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