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Energy cost electricity 4 Eurocent Bio hydrogen 2013 1 Kg hydrogen 33,33kWh= 1,33€

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Biowasserstoffkosten aus Biomasse Beispiele: Haushaltsstrom ca. 4 ct/kWh Haushaltswärme ca. 4 ct/kWh PKW-Treibstoff ca. 1 €/100 km 1 Kg Wasserstoff 33,33kWh = 1,33€

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Example:Household electricity approx. 4 ct/kWh Household heat approx. 4 ct/kWh Car fuel approx. 1 €/100 km 1 Kg hydrogen 33,33kWh= 1,33€.


As already mentioned at the beginning in the description of the Konzeptes 

explained, the distribution of gas to households costs about 1 ct/kWh and to industry < 0.3 ct/kWh. With a H2 price of 3 ct/kWh ex factory, electricity and heat could be generated in households for 4 ct/kWh. Even if taxes would still have to be paid here, this is significantly less than the current price for household electricity of about 30 ct/kWh. Even if hydrogen were initially produced from natural gas and offered in households for 6 ct/kWh, this would still be worthwhile in today's situation.

Without taxes

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