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1.5 degrees is 1.5 degrees too much! Do we still have a future?

Solar hydrogen economy worthy of the name

Solar hydrogen economy worthy of the name

Paris Agreement 1,5Grad 

for me a immobilization OF THE EARTH POPULATION!

We must return to the industrial beginning= approx.: -1.3 degrees, no more CO2 emissions! This is almost not attainable - production of green hydrogen by PV, wind, water, bio waste ...! And this immediately.

Here also a cost-benefit calculation must take place, because the production of green hydrogen by electrolysis costs approx.: 12 ct./kWh and in doing so, green electricity is taken away from the general public, and NO CO2 is ACTIVELY reduced.

There are other production methods of green hydrogen with Active decomposition of CO2!

For biohydrogen from cascaded conversation it is assumed that about 5% of the carbon in the biomass is not converted but is discharged with the ash and returned to the field.  This 5% is about 25 kg of carbon per ton of biomass ( 50 MW power plant 10 tons of biomass per hour) absolutely dry. With 110 kg of H2 production per ton of dry biomass, this is approx. 223 g of carbon per kg of hydrogen, i.e. a good 800 g of CO2 that are permanently fixed. If CO2 is also injected into salt aquifers, the total amount of carbon saved per kg of hydrogen is 4.5 kg, or 110 g of carbon or 423 g of CO2 per kWh. With the current electricity mix of approx. 500 g CO2 per kWh, 42.5 g per kWh would have to be deducted for the required electricity, i.e. a negative footprint of 380.5 g per kWh or a CO2 footprint of 22.5 g/kWh for coke alone. Electrolysis hydrogen would have a CO2 footprint of 714 g/kWh, but is valued at 0 g or at most at 10 g wind or 5.7 g hydropower, hydrogen from natural gas comes to between 210 g and 260 g.

The production of H2 from Biomass/waste Price 3 ct./kWh and with 900g CO2 reduction per kg Hydrogen should hardly be surpassed!

All this is already known to the EUROPEAN PARLIAMRNT Brüssels 10th of January 2007 - but nothing happened

Each of us can do something about it!  Write to your governments, politicians, ministries!

Their tax money should be used in such a way that there is a future worth living!

We must no longer let lobbyists tell us what to do!

Profits are the ONE SIDE

OUR FUTURE, THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY AND OUR BLUE PLANET EARTH THE MORE IMPORTANT! Because without the worker, there are no profits either!

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and all those you want to address.

Thank you

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